What’s in a Name?

Volare: To Fly

 Volare, in Italian, literally means “to fly”. As some of you may know, I am not Italian (actually I’m Greek) but I have a great love for the Italian language, Italy in general and…its people! One of my close friends, Francesca, is from Bologna in Northern Italy.  We met when she came to Australia in 2008 for a school exchange program. I returned the favour and stayed with her in Italy for over 2 months in 2009! After the initial homesickness (and subsequent tears, I was only 16) I had an amazing time! I know that my new adventure will be like exchange, only bigger! I can’t wait.

So, volare seemed like the obvious (and symbolic) choice for a blog about learning to fly as a Flight Attendant, and also “spreading my wings” and starting a new adventure in my life back in Australia, but still very much focused in my current field of Aviation.




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