Spring No More

This weekend has been lovely and relaxing and HOT! I am a big fan of Summer, because it’s when all good things happen! Christmas, my birthday, New Years, Australia Day…all in the hot weather! The only difference is this year; my Summer will be everlasting- in the desert! How exciting!Yesterday my friend Aly and I spent the best part of the day finding a lovely pair of Converse ‘Dainties” and driving around the whole of Perth to buy them. Needless to say our trek to Joondalup was worth it! Last night James and I went and saw Thor 2! I loved it and was having a ball the whole way through, although the giant frozen vanilla coke probably didn’t help either 😉

Today I went for breakfast with family and then caught up with my friend Brittany. We always have lots to talk about when we see each other, and had decided to go to Fremantle. We were talking so much in the car that we missed the turnoff by about 20 km. Oops! Once we got to Freo though, we had a super healthy/yummy lunch of “clean” nachos and pizza, with watermelon juice and caramel slice at The Raw Kitchen. After some lucky shopping, Brittany dropped me home and now I am going to watch an episode of “Ultimate Airport Dubai”. It’s a really interesting show and I highly recommend it, especially since it features the Training College! It’s nice to gain an insight into what I’ll be doing in a few weeks time. Getting close now!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!






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