Cabin Crew Travels with Taylor

Catching my last rays of desert sun before jetting back to Aus!

Catching my last rays of desert sun before jetting back to Aus!

Firstly, I would like to thank all of my lovely family. friends, followers (and readers) for your kind words and messages of support in regards to my decision to return to Australia. It was not a choice that I took lightly, and it was just as challenging deciding to leave Dubai as it was deciding to move there in the first place! If you’ve been following Volare for a while, you’ll know that life as crew is full of highs and lows. While I am happy that I have made the most of my experiences and opportunities, I felt that it was simply “time to come home”. Not for lack of trying, or friends, or fun, but because I feel that the place where I am meant to be in the world, right at this moment in time, is here, where this whole journey started…with a cup of peppermint tea and a puppy at the end of my bed, sharing my every whim and fancy with god-knows-who, from who-knows-where. The thought that my journey has inspired others to start their own is truly amazing! As my gift to you, I have a little piece of news to share.

Recently, I started writing articles for a website called Cabin Crew Wings. The segment is about my Cabin Crew Travels  and every month I will be filling in a (hopefully) much larger audience on my trips so far. Until I commence my next adventure in Australia, I will be chronicling a bit about how I came to be where I am today (geographically and metaphorically!), what it is like to work as a member of a Cabin Crew team on a daily basis and some ups and downs on living in the Middle East, both here (on my private little soap box!) and over at Cabin Crew Wings . So please, do go on over and check it out if you haven’t already, and tell me your thoughts! My first official review will be out on Monday, but until then, check out my biography 😉   I’m so very excited to be sharing this new chapter of my life with you all, I hope you enjoy it! x

p.s I know I don’t actually have to get up at a particular time tomorrow (the only commitment I have is dragging myself to the dog beach for some Vitamin D), yet I still can’t get to sleep before the tiny morning hours! I’m not sure my body is used to being grounded for quite so long (a week and counting!) 😉 Holidays don’t count! Must try to sleep…Good night world, safe and happy journeys!

4 thoughts on “Cabin Crew Travels with Taylor

  1. Hey Taylor, I’m so so sorry that you are leaving, but I’m sure that make this decision was not easy for you, so I’m sure you took the best decision for your self and for your future… I was hoping to meet you in Dubai since today I received the GC, but it’s ok maybe we will meet in some other place in the world…
    Anyway I read your article on gocabincrew and I think it is fantastic, you give a really amazing presentation of your self and of your exsperience with Emirates!
    I really want to THANK YOU for all the amazing and useful information that you give us through your blog, you really help all of us to be successful on our Open day, and to be prepare to what aspect from this Job!!!
    I wish you the best

    • Hi Manuela,
      Firstly, congratulations! Thank you for reading and for taking the information on board, I’m glad it has helped you get an idea about the job and the lifestyle 🙂 I did make the decision over time and for myself, and I’m very happy with the outcome!Good luck with training and I hope you enjoy flying! x

  2. The other day I was scrolling down your blog until I reached the very beginning, it was so charming! I admire the positive and mature attitude you have had in your long journey, even about bad days and negative aspects of the job. I’ll keep reading while I wait to turn 21 and to finish my studies before I try my luck! Of course I’ll follow your new project, too!
    Good luck with everything!

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